Friday, July 4, 2008

Internet Funny/Real World Funny

Some people find me funny (Like my 2 year old nephew), while many people don't (like my mom). I find that one of my few redeeming characteristics is sometimes I say awkward things and in order for there not to be be that weird silence, sometimes people do this thing called laughing. Some might say I'm funny, those people are nice. Some people might say I'm lame, though, I can't imagine who would (other than my mom). Anyways, when it comes down to it, some peole are in person funny, some people are text funny.

I find that majority of the time, I'm less likely to screw up the delivery on a witty quip if I type it out, as opposed to saying it in person. I'll be completely honest, unless you actually know me, and even then, you have to had practically given birth to me (like my mom), you can't really tell whether I'm being completely serious or being sarcastic. Anyways, I like making people laugh, it's better than sulking, for one, so when I make people laugh, it gives me inside smiles.

Being funny in the real world is great, but there's a significantly greater chance of you looking obnoxious instead of looing witty in person. So I guess it' better to play it safe, right?

I remember one time, I was liek "hey, I was thinking about doing stand up" and then someone was like "but you have to be funny..." (thanks mom). The problem with stand up comedy is like, you have to be ON all the time. In situations that make me nervous, I struggle to overcome my shyness and in an attempt to be ON, I just end up looking like a dweeb. It's not that bad to look like a dweeb on the internet, because you have the backspace button. Plus, if you're like me, and you use random commas and punctuation as well as spell whole words out, that shit confuses people (use it to your advantage).

Anyways, I wish I was ON all the time. That would be sweet. I also wish I didn't fall into that "fat guy who says funny things" stereotype, so I try and be tough and silent. But unless you're hot and built, being tough and silent immediately becomes being anti-social and awkward. Which I'm totally not, so shut up (I'm talking to you Mom).


spom said...

i get what you mean...i think. most of the time when i try to be at least remotely funny in real life people are usually like "what? oh yeah...sure." things never turn up how i picture them being in my head. then if the person doesn't leave, there's an aura around us that forms which i like to call awkward.

goldensara said...

I was actually watching Lisa Lampinelli on Comedy Central when I clicked on your blog. O_O

In other news, I screw up just simple sentences when I get really excited or I'm talking to new people hence my lack of friends.

(great blog btw)

Kelsiiii said...

I think you're funny in real time. Like in the chats. I laugh my face off at you.

I'm funnier when I'm speaking because when I type, I think too much about what I've said, and I think so long that either the moment has passed, or the way I decide to write it isn't actually funny.

When I talk, I rarely think first, and funnier things come out. Sometimes, those funny things are also mean. But that's by accident.

Aubrey said...

You give me many lols all the time. I think you're funny in all the funny ways. Also, you make me want to give hugs.

I like your blog. I might have to bookmark it.

Also, I am now stalking you. Look out!... your window.


SnakeMan said...

Fortunately I am hot and built.

Amy said...

I'm actually the opposite. I can be funny online but I tend to be a bit of a physical comedian and also tend to make jokes of things as I see them so I'm way funnier in person than I ever am online.

I'm going to stalk this blog now. =)