Monday, July 7, 2008

Driving Facts

With the rising price of gas, and oilgas, and gasoil, and oil, and my job being primarily to deliver food to "well paying" customers, I decided to see what the miles per gallon rating my car is getting. Now, a few factors fit in to my rating that I have to take into consideration, my job consists of a lot of starting and stopping, turning on the ignition burns a small fraction of your gas, and doing it in a high volume will probably take a chunk out of your tank. Anyways, so I filled up my tank last week and reset my odometer thing to 0. As the work week progressed my tank slowly got closer to empty, and when it got as close to empty as I think I could safely drive with, I filled it back up to see how many gallons I used, and I looked at my odometer.

I got roughly 252 miles on about 13.5 gallons. Looking through the power of my interweb, I found out that my car should be running about 20 mpg city, and 28 mpg highway. with the power of the calcumalator, I found out my car runs about 19 mpg, so... yeah.


this was a really boring blog. My penises fuel rating is actually much better.

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