Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barack the Terrorist

What's wrong with being Muslim or Arab? Absolutely nothing. While I don't follow my faith actively, I've still grown up around the muslim culture. All terrorists aren't muslims, all muslims aren't terrorists. America shouldn't associate islam immediately with extremists.

Now the subject of this blog is pretty simple, people have tried to rectify why they don't like Obama by saying he's a terrorist, he's arab, he's muslim. That's great, too bad it isn't true. His faith is regardless, and besides don't we live in a country that's supposedly seperate from the church (or in this case the mosque). What do people truly know about islam? Obviously not enough to make a fair assessment.

People are assholes, and I feel like I need to set an example for my heritage. I used to be ashamed, and scared to even mention what I was. It's all because of people's perceptions and pre-concieved notions based on stereotypes and lies.

Barrack Obama isn't arab he's a family man? I understand the sentiment, and i don't understand the fucking idiot who would even say that. There are over 7 million muslims in America, that's a pretty hefty chunk, and if you can't handle that we're here and that a few bad apples don't account for the entire tree, Then maybe you should consider finishing that application for the Klan.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You're Doing it Wrong

So, you know how people are always like "Be True to yourself" and whatnot? Did you ever wonder if that really applies to people who are freaks of nature? I mean, sure being considered a freak is very much subjective. But I mean, there's some basic guidelines that would make a regular ol' Joe Six Pack/Hockey Mom/Maverick not want to associate themselves with said freakaweird.

Anyway, moving on to my subject of discussion. I have an issue with being pretty sarcastic, and kind of mean. For most people who know me well enough, they accept it (and in some cases enjoy it). But honestly, I feel like being a meandick sarcasticus is only going to result in me being lonely and whatnot.

So I decided to try and be nice (this is especially hard on the internet, because the universal language is "fuckwit"). Who knows, maybe it'll land me some sweet lady friends, instead of making them think I'm gay or a woman beater (Note to Self: Don't tell ladies you're going to punch them in the head. Even if you plan on doing it, becuase then it ruins that much needed stealth, women are natural ninjas)

So, we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So, I got back from the Democratic Rally (and the King of Prussia Mall). I have to say I was definitely convinced that Barack Obama could be our next president after actually hearing him speak in person. The man loves his pie, apparently, true story, which is a quality fit for a leader. Anyway, it was great, his speech was great, he's said things that I've agreed with before. I just wish I could've gotten closer to the action (we were almost a block away, and people were pushed all up against each other).

The only thing that kind of pissed me off was the fact that I think some peopel went there just for the hype, and when they realized how crowded it would be, and how hot it was, they decided to leave. But the point isn't just to go see some kind of celebrity, man, he's our next president! What the hell!? Are you paying attention to anything he's saying? does it even matter to you?

I also hate how people bring their kids to the rally, it's hot, and crowded, which is hardly safe for a kid who can't even walk, man. But these are truly small things in the bigger picture, the man brings hope, and there's good reason for us to believe in Obama.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

deus ubdted

So, I think I've been neglectful enough when it comes to my blog. So in apology, I will post a second blog today. Some updates! My birthday was several weeks ago, but my friends gifted me today. Their gifts were pretty sweet, I got a lolcat book (because I"m from the internet), a book with pictures of Sarah Palin's face photoshopped onto junk, and Wanted the graphic novel (SUHHHWEETT!), also I got an inflatable zombie, you know, becuase I'm a necrophiliac.

Anyway, on Saturday I'm going to a rally for Barack Obama in Phillydelphiyay! this should be fun! I'm going to wear underwear and everything!

Stuff I like: August/September

So, it's been a while right? Man I suck at updating this. Oh well. Here's a new list of stuff I'm liking right now as of currently (right now [as of currently])

Music: Grizzly Bear, The Dodos
Books: What White People Like
Graphic Novels/Comics: Tom Strong, Ultimate Origins, Marvel Zombies 3
Artists: Guy McKinley, Cesar Moreno
Games: Braid, Castle Crashers, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire in the Rift
Movies: (I FINALLY SAW) the Fall