Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taint Slaves

Pushovers, I hate them. Everyone has that one friend who's a "nice guy" who always lands the friend zone because girls don't like "nice guys". Well, tell your retarded, consistently single, "nice guy" friend to stfu.

There's a fine line between being nice, and being a pushover. Too many nice guys are really just pushovers. I hate that, seriously. Don't be a slave to the taint, you idiot.

Also, don't be desperate, I hate desperate people. Don't cling onto the first person that puts their hands out. Jesus, you're better than that, damnit. People probably just don't like you cuz you smell gross or something.

Also, I hate when people dress slutty. Put on some fucking pants, it's 30 degrees outside. Yes, your ass is HUGE, great, awesome, you can let people know that by actually wearing something to cover it.

Also, I hate bears. What's the deal with bears and picnic baskets?

Taint Slaves though, so many guys are taint slaves. It's not your fault ladies, or it probably is, some of you are total dick horders. You know who you are, but you're probably not reading this right now, are you? You're probably out there hording dicks. Fucking dick horder.

Dick Horders and Taint Slaves, there's too many of them in this world.


DeezTed said...

I just hope I'm not adding to the population. But unfortunately I think I am.


rabidchipmnk said...

This entry speaks to me.