Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, recently I've been reading books and stuff (because I heard girls dig guys who can read word drawings). Usually when work is moving relatively slow I pull out a book that has recently been close to my heart. It's called World War Z, by Max Brooks. Now I'm not a literary expert, of the like...3 books I've actually read outside of class, this is one that's probably drawn me in the most.

It's about Zombies, hence the Z in world war Z. Now, I know anyone who's seen a zombie movie or whatnot kind of has an idea of how the story sort of unfolds. You wake up one morning, your husband's trying to gnaw at your neck, you run away, your kids try to gnaw at your neck, you continue to run. The entire town is trying to gnaw at your neck, you book it. Eventually you find people who are not interested in gnawing on your neck, and you try to survive against the homos that are into trying to get at your neck or whatever. World War Z isn't really so much about the neck gnawing homos eating the last of the humans, well I is. But it's more about the stories of the survivors, and their stories.

(Zombie vs. shark, totally unrelated)

The book is described as an oral retelling of the zombie wars. Which is, you know...right. I mean, it's basically a series of interviews with the fictional survivors of a fictional war against the undead (this format is perfect to pick up and produce a TV series of movie out of, I think). With most zombie stories, there is concentration on a specific part. Like, say for instance, a movie gives a breif explanation of how an outbreak has begun, it'll probably not extend it's story into how the survivors of the outbreak live their lives afterward. World War Z covers all the bases though, it characterizes a very realistic explanation of how the outbreak started spreading, it continues by discussing people's reactions to the outbreak itself, it even describes how the tide of battle finally turns in a way that benefits the survivors.

I still haven't finished the book, but it's awesome. You should read it, or I'll sit on you.


Skellyton said...

huh. Sounds like a good one. I've yet to read any books about zombies. I've just been watching the movies and slowly but surely convincing myself that I am one.
Thanks for recommending this, I'll make sure to look into it.

Daniel San said...

They're making a movie out of WWZ.

I will jizz in my pants.

Andy said...

its one of my faves its a quick read for me and I really really like it each time I read it