Saturday, October 11, 2008


So, I got back from the Democratic Rally (and the King of Prussia Mall). I have to say I was definitely convinced that Barack Obama could be our next president after actually hearing him speak in person. The man loves his pie, apparently, true story, which is a quality fit for a leader. Anyway, it was great, his speech was great, he's said things that I've agreed with before. I just wish I could've gotten closer to the action (we were almost a block away, and people were pushed all up against each other).

The only thing that kind of pissed me off was the fact that I think some peopel went there just for the hype, and when they realized how crowded it would be, and how hot it was, they decided to leave. But the point isn't just to go see some kind of celebrity, man, he's our next president! What the hell!? Are you paying attention to anything he's saying? does it even matter to you?

I also hate how people bring their kids to the rally, it's hot, and crowded, which is hardly safe for a kid who can't even walk, man. But these are truly small things in the bigger picture, the man brings hope, and there's good reason for us to believe in Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck it, I'm voting for Baracka...MK!