Sunday, March 9, 2008

Peaches Valentine

So, it's been a few days since I posted in here. :O!

I really wish I had something to talk about...or Readers for that matter.

I guess I'll talk about something that I really like. Namely, the Goon. It's a comic created by Eric Powell, basically about...well...a Goon. I mean the main character is basically Muscleman number one for a mobster by the name of Labrazio. Anyways, I have a thing for Zombies, unnecessary violence, humor, mobsters, lizard creatures, pants poopin' retards, robots, and incest.


okay not so much incest.

But the Goon definitely includes all of the above subjects, it's funny, it's silly, it's suspenseful at times, and sometimes it's even sad. I mean, I like the Goon so much that the URL for my blog is essentially the name of a character that appears in the story a few times. it was actually a toss up between Sherriff Buzzard (a cursed, zombie eating, oldfaceded former sheriff of some random town in the middle of Bumblef***), or Peaches Valentine (another character from the Goon, who does a lot of pooping of his pants). Anyways, I like this comic. You should like it too. Seriously, I'll let you borrow it.

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Amelia said...

damn... you had me at "incest"