Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Walking Dead

I've been reading the walking dead now, at an irregular pace. I picked up a trade of the first volume some time last summer, and I have like 4309430493 comics that I read, but I finally picked up volume 5 last week, read it right away, and it was definitely wroth it. For most stories with me, they start off like 'OMG' and then slowly they're like "" and then finally they're like "....oh my god, this sucks" but with this, it's definitely getting exponentially better with each trade that I've purchased and read. If you like zombies, and you like boners, and you like having boners, and you want to talk about your boners, please e-mail me. If you like a good story, about zombies, and you want to see some pret picz, check out teh Walking Dead.

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